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VPK schools Pompano Beach

VPK Schools Pompano Beach

Our preschool and VPK schools programs are filled with opportunities for investigation, exploration, and discovery.  Children will gain new knowledge and skills and scaffold on the previous knowledge. This has made us the best VPK schools Pompano Beach.

Our reading and language arts program in many cases exceed the Common Core Standards for Reading and Language Arts, we emphasize Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, HFW recognition, Fluency, Comprehension, Writing and more. Students are encouraged to practice and refine skills on Computers (Starfall Program).

Our Math program combine hands on and written activities based on Florida Benchmarks. Children begin to count, sort and manipulate sets of objects. Children also begin to identify and compare two- and three- dimensional shapes and to explore symmetry as they build with blocks and other concrete objects.Hence we are knwon as the top VPK schools Pompano Beach.

Each week the children are involve in enrichment activities. We incorporate as part of our curriculum Fun Family Projects to promote parents involvement, we pretend to travel around the world while they learn about different cultures. Children also work on: cooking projects, Science experiments, they learn about world known artist through art projects, and much more. This makes us the most popular VPK schools Pompano Beach.

Our professional, nurturing staff uses child guided inquiry and intentional teaching strategies to give your child the best educational experience while building a love of learning.  Our faculty will engage your child in fun-filled, meaningful experiences that lead to success throughout their school years. 

Our Creative Curriculum, along with best play-based practices from around the world, aligns our goals with educational excellence. Hence we are the leading VPK schools Pompano Beach.