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Summer camp programs Parkland

Summer camp programs Parkland

We get it: You want your child to have less screen time! At our Summer Camp Programs Parkland , they’ll forget their iPad even exists. They’ll just be having good old wholesome fun — like kids should have.

All kids shine here in . Even shy ones. Our camp is a community of support, kindness, respect, and friendship. It’s safe, fun, and helps kids grow and soar.Hence we are known as the best Summer camp programs Parkland.

During our summer program we will include School lessons. Kids will do their lessons as normal but for a shorter period of time, compared to the regular School year. Every day we will do crafts and/or projects related to the work session and on Fridays they will take them home to share with you!

Our most popular Summer camp programs Parkland have been designed to provide the necessary environment with care for aesthetics, practicality and comfort. We want our preschool and kindergarten children to adopt their school surroundings with love and pride.

When schools out and its summer break, you can rely on iPLanet Academy for your summer childcare. Our top Summer camp programs Parkland turns your child’s ordinary summer into a summer of exciting exploration. Through hands-on activities, field trips and themed events, we make our kids summer camp fun, yet educational by expanding on our Life Essentials curriculum and helping them make connections to the world around them.

We inspire imagination through hands-on activities, field trips and themed events, while balancing individual needs and interests.

 Strict health and safety procedures will be followed

While your child is at our Academy, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they’re in a healthy and safe environment thanks to Health Essentials, our enhanced health and cleaning initiative based on CDC guidelines to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.



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