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After School Programs Coral Springs

After School Programs Coral Springs

iPlanet Academy provide quality on site After School Programs Coral Springs, tutoring and Child Care services. We pick up children from school (transportation services in the Coral Springs/Parkland area) within a fun and safe environment where your child can do homework and participate in various activities.

Where children expand their creativity and imagination, through exploring different techniques in art. In this area we promote the importance of our environment, by using recycled materials to create unique art pieces.Hence we are known as the best After School Programs Coral Springs.

Music develops analytical thinking and requires children to be creative. It also has the potential to induce joy, happiness, memories, bliss, merriment and mirth.  We use music to stimulate all developmental areas and promote self-confidence by using songs and instruments that stimulate all senses which makes us the top  After School Programs Coral Springs.

Children develop independence, concentration, order, self-control and eye-hand coordination while playing. Our dance program gives children the opportunity to learn about different cultures through dancing. In this area we promote aerobic exercise, enhance proper posture and enable outstanding concentration skills.This has in turn made us the most popular  After School Programs Coral Springs.

Our leading After school programs Coral Springs, FL provides a fun, safe and caring environment that emphasizes academic enrichment, social growth and safety. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in our sports and exercise activities, do homework and participate in fun group activities for all age groups.

Our most trusted After school programs Coral Springs provides an educational, fun-filled, quality program at an affordable price. Children receive quality academic and recreational programming during after school time. We follow a daily schedule of developmentally appropriate activities including homework assistance, computers, reading, math and science components, music, organized sports, outside play, indoor games, arts and crafts, dance, and more. Homework assistance is provided in a quiet location free of distractions.